1. New year, Better life :)

    Every year is an opportunity to live with the one one we love. Every year is a gift to be happy. Every year is a chance to improve ourselves.

    Yes, we experience trials. Yes, we experience pain. Not every year but everyday. But that makes our life complete. that’s why every year, we be thankful of what we have. We say goodbye to a year that has passed. Let’s be thankful to our Lord for letting us continue our lives.

    In our lives, let’s not just acknowledge God but have Him in our lives for better years to come.

    No matter what happens, thanksgiving is the best thing to say.

    Welcome 2013 with DEEPER FAITH! :)

  2. GOODBYE 2012! :)))

    GOODBYE 2012! :)))

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- Jeremiah 29:11


    - Jeremiah 29:11

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#Messengers Spread The Word


    #Messengers Spread The Word

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